Create standalone extension

How can I create an extension without menus, file-browser, launcher?

Could you clarify your question a little further? A JupyterLab “extension” doesn’t need any of these things by default.

the goal is the load our extension without menus, file-browser, launcher.

only want to load extension itself

So, JupyterLab is built from a series of (core) extensions. You can disable some of these if you want to, either by adding a disabledExtensions field to your extension’s package.json, or by modifying the JupyterLab installation’s pageconfig.json file. See here for more information.

i can’t find pageconfig.json in my ubuntu,should i create new one?

I’m still not sure that I fully understand. To me, a “standalone extension” means that you’re creating your own extension that adds some functionality to JupyterLab. However, your questions are asking about disabling parts of JupyterLab. Are you only interested in customizing JupyterLab to change how it looks (e.g. like RetroLab)?

The problem is:
I have my own jupyter extension but I want to load this extension without core extensions

Which core extensions do you want to disable? If your extension is replacing something in core, e.g. the file browser, you can use the disabledExtensions field in package.json: Extension Developer Guide — JupyterLab 3.1.12 documentation

i want to disable menus/filebrowsers/keyboard shortcuts but when i declare this in package.json it doesnt working i dont know why

Can you post a link to your code so we can see more clearly what you are trying to do and what you’ve tried?

I’m working on jupyterlab GitHub repo in branch 1.2.x examples folder app extension