Create a web application from a Jupyter projects

I have a data analysis application. There are many graphics in this application and I would like to display them in a web application to be easier to view, without seeing the code. How could I do that? Some examples, any tutorials would be helpful.
Or is there a solution to import them somehow in an HTML site?

Using to create launchable sessions that use Voila and appmode are my go-to solutions along this line. See this discussion. ( I got file upload working since that discussion, too. Yay.) I suggest a tour around the Voila Gallery which also offers the app demos via
There have been additional dashboards offered now, too. See here.

But I want to make a dashboard în HTML, CSS and maybe JS. How I can put charts generated from Jupyter in HTML code?

Have you looked into embedding plots/charts made by via Python with Plotly, Bokeh, or Altair plots in HTML? See here, here, or here, respectively.