Create a new user and an admin

Hello I am currently a new user in JupyterHub,I am trying to add a new user and a new admin by c.Authenticator.allowed_users = {'user1'} and c.Authenticator.admin_users = {'user1'} respectively. I comment out these 2 lines from the jupyterhub_config.pyfile too. But still I am getting "Invalid username or password ". Regarding the password, I think for the first time “user1” will generate the password, when he/she will try to login. Is it right? Am I doing anything wrong?

What authenticator are you using? If you are using default authenticator, which is PAMAuthenticator, the user1 should exist locally on the machine where JupyterHub is deployed. If you want to test JupyterHub will different users without having to create local user accounts, use DummyAuthenticator which allow any users set in c.Authenticator.allowed_users set.