Copying matplotlib plots from JupyterLab not working properly

Now that Notebook 7 has landed in anaconda, I am trying to make the switch from the old Notebook to JupyterLab. And it is PAINFUL.

notebook: right-click on matplotlib plot, Copy. Powerpoint table cell>Shape Properties>Fill>Picture or texture fill>Clipboard

JupyterLab: right-click on matplotlib plot, “Copy Output to Clipboard”. Powerpoint: clipboard is grayed out as image source.

This is kind of a deal breaker. Note that I can still past the picture into a Powerpoint slide, but in the Past Options, only two icons show up. The Image icon does not show up.
I am guessing JupyterLab does not feed the “.png” or similar file format into the clipboard.

Is there a way to fix this?

I think you are trying to ask the same question as How do I copy an image from the output in Jupyter Notebook 7+??

Are you holding down ‘SHIFT’ when you right-click?

Ok, I see. Yes, holding down the Shift key works as before. Thank you for the solution.
I guess I can get used to it, even though I don’t love it.

It’s going to be a long way.

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