Connect Open-MBEE/ve to a kernel

Continuing the discussion from Microsoft Word Integration (Intern Project): is the repository.

@bollwyvl should we point them at and which others use to embed “Jupyter-ness” into normal web pages?

Whooee, there’s a lot going on to wrap the whole concept up simply. Long form, living documents authored collaboratively by a team, backed by notebook(s) and/or live kernels operating against larger-than-ram engineering-grade knowledge models is a billion dollar idea.

For the OpenMBEE case, the model-based WYSIWYG document is just one part of it, albeit a major underlying UX goal, as it is not met by any of their vendors, hence building their own.

My pitch to them was re-imagining the whole shooting match inside a Phosphor app, with only as much Lab as is needed, as it won’t have a traditional Jupyter Server behind it. Initially, the main Angular editing view would be extracted into its own panel… though if we had a first-party editing view that could show inline mimerenders that was sufficiently, deeply extensible, this would be moot.

Notebooks (or otherwise executable stuff) would run in the background whenever the space mission model is updated, results stored as ipynb, and displayed via mimerenderers. One of their engineers already demonstrated this part. Very cool.

The first time a user would encounter a kernel would be when wanting to get a little dirty, making a static plot into a dynamic one, and something like voila would meet the need, and be easy on the bottom line.

For really getting to it, a binder would be adequate (if not ideal, not sure what other requirements they may have). They already have a number of bindings for accessing their model from some kernel languages (including a model-based kernel they maintain, @Open-MBEE/IAlf). For this, they’d just want the stock lab notebook (though no doubt with extensions)… having it run right in the same DOM as the main narrative would be fantastic, especially with deep drag-drop support, but their’s a number of things to consider.

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