Configuration of notebooks edition and HTML files viewer


I search for my uses of notebooks and html files in jupyter 2 specific configurations, and I don’t know if it’s possible and how it’s possible.

1/ for an html file given in the left sidebar in jupyter (file browser) :
When I double click on the file I expect to open a new browser tab as it can be done when i open it with “open in a new browser tab” to avoid the file opening in the same workspace that is used for notebooks.
=> I don’t know how to force it. can you give the way to configure the jupyter settings to make a such thing ?
=> the goal if this is to avoid the problem of “trusting” if the HTML file as links to others HTML files

2/ for notebook code folding : i want to activate it and to have all blocks reduced if I open a notebook in jupyter
=> the problem: it seems to be always configured to be expanded with default code folding to “false”
=> how to change it and configure?