Co-author a blog post on z2jh security with me?


Similar to me 99 ways to extend the Jupyter ecosystem blog post, I’m now trying to write a detailed deep dive into the security aspects of Zero to JupyterHub for the Jupyter Blog. It is informed by working with places with higher security needs - in this case, the space telescope sciences institute.

You can find a draft here:

I’ve done a bunch of research and have a good and fairly complete outline. I am also recovering from hand surgery, however - and have limited use of my hands still. So I would absolutely love for someone to co-author this with me! You’ll get published on the Jupyter blog. It would be great if you already had some familiarity with Kubernetes.

Once the blog post is done we can move it from a conversational tone to a more documentation-tone for the docs.

To prevent confusion, please email me at if you wanna do this!

Thanks :slight_smile: