[CLOSED] Experimental Jupyter UX - Web Development Contract Opportunity

Want to hack on some crazy ideas for taking .ipynb's to the next level? I’d like someone to help me iterate on a few prototypes for extensions on the jupyterlab interface.

(Soft) Requirements:

  • Javascript expertise (typescript a bonus)
  • Experience developing interactive applications on the web

If you’re not sure whether you fit the above, or think you have something else to offer, please enquire/apply anyway!


  • Experience with Jupyter as a user
  • Experience with Jupyter or JupyterLab as a developer


  • 1-2 month contract in the first instance (possibility for extension depending on funding)
  • 2-5 days a week
  • Work should take place between July-November


Send an email to alex@alexmorley.me (before June 24th) with:

[ ] Two-three sentences on why you’d be excited to work on this.
[ ] One or two sentences highlighting what skills you could bring to the project.
[ ] EITHER: links to some of your relevant work (or descriptions of it if it’s not public)
AND/OR: your CV
[ ] Your hourly rate


Ask here or send me an email alex@alexmorley.me

The Project

The aim is test potential solutions for better supporting users who use Jupyter for exploratory data-analysis.

There’s some more info in these slides.

in this repo (a little out of date)

and in these videos & prototypes (which discourse won’t let me embed…)

Iterating / Forking as an Interface

Video I
Prototype I

Notebook cells as a DAG

Video II
Prototype II

Using the notebooks format to provide a UI for arranging notebooks, scripts and data sources.

Video III
Prototype III

I cannot wait for this to get built (as a user). These are all great ideas and all should see the light of day. I almost don’t want to write another notebook until I can stably use the directed graph approach.