Changing Kernel issues in Jupyter Notebook oy Jupyter Lab

Dear all,

May I have your help on below issues?

I’ve created two visual environments in Anaconda for the tensor flow package, and after some coding in the anaconda prompt, it appears different kernels options in the “Change Kernel” button, as shown in below diagram. (I create tensor flow in the virtual environments as I don’t want to install them in the base (root) environment)

However, when I click onto certain kernel, the error message will appear:
“Connetion Failed. A connection to the notebook server could not be established. The notebook will continue trying to reconnect. Check your network connection or notebook server configuration.”

I’ve searched on web that it may be due to the Tornado version issues, some suggested to downgrade the version of Tornado from 6.3.2 to 5.1.1, but the Anaconda interface don’t allow the downgrade due to my python version.

May I have your suggestion that how could I shift different visual environment or kernel on the Jupyter Notebook?

Many thanks for your time for reading this, and look forward to your suggestion, many thanks.