Change configuration from command line or API

I’m deploying a lab where I want to allow students to sign-up, but after all have done so, I want to disable the sign-up site. I’m thinking on using the NativeAuthenticator and dockerize configuration for Jupyterhub.
In this sense, there is a configuration option:

c.NativeAuthenticator.enable_signup = False

I have look at the jupyterhub command line options and it is possible to change it, but when I execute seems that jupyterhub is created or restarted again.

# jupyterhub --Authenticator.enable_signup=False

How can I change the configuration option for the running instance of JupyterHub? Can it be achieved throught the REST API?


It’s not possible, you can see the JupyterHub REST API docs here:

Things like spawners and authenticators are add-ons to JupyterHub. An authenticator could define additional APIs (or an admin configuration UI), but that’s additional work.

Is there a downside to restarting JupyterHub?

I went through the REST API docs and didn’t find it, so I asked :wink:

I was trying to avoid restarting the Hub with 2 different configuration files. I was trying to better automate it. But if the solution is restarting… there we go :wink:

Thanks a lot for the response.