Cells disappear when selected

I have students running Jupyter notebooks locally in JupyterLab. Some students – all using Mac OSX (Big Sur 11.6.5 in the one I’ve been able to confirm) – find that when they click inside a cell to select, the entire cell turns white and they cannot see the contents. They cannot modify cells because they can’t see what they’re doing when they select them.

Student reports that if they run the selected cell, it sometimes reappears, and executes without error. They also report that clicking to the left of the cell before clicking within the cell area prevents the problem.

Version information:
IPython 8.5.1
ipykernel 6.15.3
ipywidgets not installed
jupyter_client 7.3.4
jupyter_server 1.18.1
jupyterlab 3.4.7
nbclient 0.6.8
nbconvert 7.0.0
nbformat 5.5.0
notebook 6.4.12
qtconsole not installed
traitlets 5.4.0

Is this a possible bug? Suggested fixes?