Can't resolve 'perf_hooks'

ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘perf_hooks’ in ‘/home/erkin/builds/jupyter-app-dir/staging/node_modules/typescript/lib’
i use jlab 3.5.1 and npm packages for 3.5.1 in package.json
i getting this error after running:
jupyter labextension link . --no-build and jlpm run build commands.
any help?
this happens only for jlab 3.5.1

Unless you reeaaaally need it for some reason, using the prebuilt extension workflow will avoid many of these issues.

jupyter labextension develop --overwrite .

And then get on with your life, never dealing with jupyter lab build again. It requires a little bit more package.json metadata, but will generally be much more robust during development and for end users. The cookiecutter is generally a good place to look at what boilerplate is required.