Cannot get cell execution time from Jupyter API?

Hello everyone,

Do you know why we cannot get cell execution time from Jupyter API?
I have looked into :

But could not find the solution.

We would like to access it to monitor time spent running at a notebook/kernel/cell level for our project.

Thanks a lot in advance.

The contents api is pretty much unaware of what the kernel api is doing… about the only thing it could do would be to read off whatever a client (e.g. jupyterlab) claims in notebook metadata.

Are you trying to measure:

  • the time from “press run” to “get pixels on screen”?
  • the time the message spent in-flight to the server?
  • the time the message spent in-flight between the server and the kernel?
  • the actual execution time from execute_request being received to execute_response or idle or whatever comes back?
  • the return trip?
  • whatever the client claims?

Depending on how precise need it to be, you’d likely need to investigate where your notebook/jupyter_server is actually passing messages, or instrument the kernel itself. There are also some tools in the opencensus (e.g. GitHub - Quansight/jupyter-jaeger: @jupyter integration for @jaegertracing) realm that might work.

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