Can you take a quick look on my code and help me solve a problem?

Hey there!
We are currently learning to program with python in school. I’ve started testing a bit at home. I thought about a little project:
Basically I am at first generating three random lengths, so that I recieve a triangle. My program should than sort it whether it is a right triangle, equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle, general triangle. At the moment I can not finish my project, because I get a weird syntax error. Don’t judge the mathematical part to be right or wrong. I am from Germany so I hope you can still understand the problem.

I have tried multiple things, f.e. leaving out this section, changing it, but nothing worked. Btw we are using the “” website, so my guess atm is that the capacity of this website/server is limited. That would mean that my program is just too big. What do you think?
Thanks for advise

the line 47 is missing a closing parenthesis.

… math.asin(y)))

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thank you very much, it actually fixed the issue :slight_smile: