Can I connect to a notebook session from node?

I browsed through the nodejs example here. It uses a python script to start the jupyter notebook server. My question is if it’s possible to connect to an already started notebook session from node?

I tried by passing baseUrl also as part of the options. However, I got the following error.

16 Jul 10:19:28 - Error: Can only be used for notebook server requests
    at Object.handleRequest (C:\Users\idling-mind\.node-red\externalModules\node_modules\@jupyterlab\services\lib\serverconnection.js:177:19)
    at Object.makeRequest (C:\Users\idling-mind\.node-red\externalModules\node_modules\@jupyterlab\services\lib\serverconnection.js:77:24)
    at Object.startNew (C:\Users\idling-mind\.node-red\externalModules\node_modules\@jupyterlab\services\lib\kernel\restapi.js:55:64)
    at KernelManager.startNew (C:\Users\idling-mind\.node-red\externalModules\node_modules\@jupyterlab\services\lib\kernel\manager.js:152:39)

I am trying to connect Node-RED to a jupyter-kernel.