Can anyone tell me how to get a token without /hub/api/authorizations/token?


When use /hub/api/authorizations/token to get a apiToken,
it show warning as follow “Using deprecated token creation endpoint /hub/api/authorizations/token. Use /hub/api/users/:user/tokens instead.”

So I use /hub/api/users/:user/tokens instead.
but this api must contains a “Authorization: token XXXX” in the head.
otherwise it returns 403 forbidden.

so I have to put request to /hub/api/authorizations/token to get a token.

Expected behaviour

I’m confused.

Can anyone tell me who to get a token without /hub/api/authorizations/token.
because /hub/api/authorizations/token is deprecated.

Your personal set up

version: jupyterhub 1.1.0

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