c.NotebookApp.extra_static_paths not working on MyBinder

Dear Binder community,

In trying to resolve an existing issue [1], I am trying to add an extra path for Jupyter to find Javascript files. I placed the following content in the file $HOME/.jupyter/jupyter_notebook_config.py:

scriptdir = '/path/to/my/jsfiles'
c.NotebookApp.extra_static_paths = [scriptdir]

This seems to solve issue [1] when using repo2docker and starting the Jupyter service on my local machine, but on mybinder.org I get the error:

GET https://hub.gke.mybinder.org/hub/static/scripts/JSRootCore.js?v=20200826120322 net::ERR_ABORTED 404

I am certain that JSRootCore.js is in scriptdir/scripts, so I am confused about why it’s not found.

Does anyone have an idea what I could be doing wrong?

The thing I suspect that could cause this issue only on mybinder.org, is the fact that the base URL has an extra /hub/ route, in comparison to how it is locally (


[1] RequireJS bug in JupyterLab