Blank browser screen when I start Jupyter lab on Jupyterhub? What shall I do?

I installed Jupyter lab on the Jupyterhub using an ansible script.
When I start jupyter lab using, instead of seeing the familiar jupyterlab screen, I see ‘nothing’, a blank page. It does not return a 502 or 404 error, but it displays a blank white page (see the image linked below):

I clicked on the browser console, and a bunch of messages here:

I have become so used to work with Jupyter lab that I do not ‘enjoy’ working with jupyter notebooks, although in my case, jupyter notebooks work just fine.
I’d greatly appreciate any insight or advice as to how I can get back the jupyter lab page. I tried following the advices in a related github issue request (that was closed) but it did not work. I also opened an issue in the jupyterlab github repo but I have not received any response so far.

Arindam Basu

Your error messages are very relevant here. Can you post these to the issue? That will help people figuring out how to respond to the issue to be more specific.

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Your error messages indicate the issue may be in some sort of SSL configuration or something - it appears your browser is refusing to fetch the main javascript file.

My guess is that this has to do with how your jupyterhub is set up? Hopefully people from JupyterHub can comment.

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(I would label the issue as a JupyterHub issue as well to catch their attention)