Best Practices in uploading large files to home directory (SFTP server?)

Some of my end-users have large files on their local machines that they would like to transfer to their home directories in JupyterHub on GKE. In some cases, they have been able to tar gzip them and upload them through HTTPS, but I would like to know if anyone has figured out a better way to transfer files to the home directories.

I was considering whether there would be a way to set up an SFTP server that would mount the appropriate home directory and then provide some temporary SFTP credentials that a user could use.

Has anyone worked out a way to do large file transfers to their Persistent Volume home directories?

I have a faculty member planning the same thing. Since we are autoscaling, something like direct SSH/WinSCP is out. I didn’t think of getting another container spun up for just file transfers. Something like this may work. I wish they supported Github OAuth for uniformity.

I’ve experimented with syncthing to do this on a kubernetes based JupyterHub.

It kinda works but syncthing seems to crash/tries to upgrade or some such after about 60s :frowning: