Automatic indentation while editing python file in jupyterlab4

I am using JupyterLab4 on Safari (and liking it a lot!).
When I edit a Python file, automatic indentation doesn’t work. For example after an if statement or a function definition. Anybody else seeing this behavior? Is this a setting, a bug, an oversight, or maybe a Safari problem?
Just to clarify: indentation works fine in a code cell in a notebook. Just not when editing a Python file.

I do not have Safari but on Chrome/Edge it works for me in both files and in the notebook in 4.0. It might be a bug. Before delving further, because Safari is special I would appreciate if you could check with another browser so we know if it is Safari-specific. Also, a set of steps to reproduce the issue might help.

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After a week, it suddenly started working. No idea why, but as you said, Safari is special.
Sorry for the noise.

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It looked like it was working, but it doesn’t always.
The problem occurs when the Python function definition is more than 1 line (when you have lots of function arguments, for example). Problem exists in code cells in Notebooks on JupyterLab and in Python files in JupyterLab. On both Safari and Chrome. I opened and issue here: indentation problem after multi-line Python function definition · Issue #14668 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub

Anybody who can confirm this behavior, please let me know.