Auto check in Notebooks

Hi everyone !!

I’m Enzo from Salta-Argentina !!

I will try do a auto check in the cell code in a Jupyter Notebook, I use a little version of JupyterHub in my class and a interesting thing to do is can check the result in a excersice for my students, I search in web but i can’t found a way to do this. But I think in a way to doing, but i need your opinion, maybe exist a best way to solve my mystake.

I think the next is a way to doing:

First in the folder for each student is store the notebook to I like check the result, and with cat <name-file>. I can see the result of notebook. Then in a specify line is the result, this is stored like <outputs:[<list-with-result>]>, I can see the output and compare this with the rigth result and make a script to obtain a percentaje, of value in a test or exam for eaxh student in my class, I don’t know if already exist another diferent way to do this, I see NBextensions and all the extesion provide a complete enviroment of learning for students and teachers, but the most similiar to I find was the extension Exercise but have a concept a lot diferent because the teacher can during the class proopose and exercise and comprobe the result in the moment, that is very useful in the daily of class, but is diferent.

If you know a form to do this, I will realy grateful and If yo have some criticism or better ways to do i aceppt that with total respect !!

Thank You everyone !!

There’s discussions about nbgrader and ngshare and otter-grader in this Discourse forum if you search here. That may be a good place to start.