Appmode in Jupiter lab 3.0

In Jupyter Notebook I use appmode widget that loads a jupyter notebook right into web app (no cells). But no longer works in jupyterlab. I wouldn’t mind it continuing to work in nbclassic but I get 500 internal error when loading in app mode.

There is a separate extension of appmode in Juoyterlab but does not support 3.0 yet. GitHub - osscar-org/appmode-jupyterlab: This is the JupyterLab extension for Appmode.

Is there an appmode or web app for Jupiter lab 3?

Voila works in JupyterLab 3.0 for making webapps. According to the documentation it even adds an extension that offers a preview pane starting with that version. See here.

As far as making notebooks that work with what you need, it may help you look at the Voila gallery, search this forum for ‘Voila’, and look at some examples around. I can offer some examples here and here. Just go to those and hit the binder launch badges to give it a spin in your browser.

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