Any ideas for this project?

So I’m creating a project for my school science fair with Jupyter Notebook. I currently have an algorithm that can somewhat accurately predict the genre of music someone of a certain age and gender would like. My next puzzle is making my project interactive. My idea is that I get the user to input their age and gender, and then the algorithm will give its prediction, and then the user will have the opportunity to say whether the guess was accurate or not and what genre of music they actually like. What they say could then be added to the csv file to make the program more accurate in the future. Pretty brilliant idea, right? It’s just that I’m unsure of what I should use and how I should use it to achieve this goal. Any ideas?

There are a couple of options:

  • Staying with jupyter notebooks, if you have host the code in a repository with github, you can share it with the world through a open url with binder. I would say this might be the simplest option for you but might be difficult for the user (not everyone knows how to use a jupyter notebooks).
    Examples: Binder repositories from the community — Binder 0.1b documentation
  • You can wrap your code into python code and use streamlit to display it. This might take some time but will end up in an interactive webpage very simple to use for the user.
    This examples are specific for audio projects: Gallery • Streamlit

I’ve worked with both, so feel free to ask for more help!