[ANN] Jupyter Core 5.0

We are pleased to announce the 5.0 release of Jupyter Core. See online for the full release notes.

Prefer Environment Level Configuration

We now make the assumption that if we are running in a virtual environment, we should prioritize the environment-level sys.prefix over the user-level paths. Users can opt out of this behavior by setting JUPYTER_PREFER_ENV_PATH, which takes precedence over our autodetection.

Migrate to Standard Platform Directories

In version 5, we introduce a JUPYTER_PLATFORM_DIRS environment variable to opt in to using more appropriate platform-specific directories. We raise a deprecation warning if the variable is not set. In version 6, JUPYTER_PLATFORM_DIRS will be opt-out. In version 7, we will remove the environment variable checks and old directory logic.

Drop Support for Python 3.7

We are dropping support for Python 3.7 ahead of its official end of life, to reduce maintenance burden as we add support for Python 3.11.