All the attempts to mount a shared volume on GKE Autopilot were unsuccessful

I am trying to mount a shared persistent volume claim for jupyterhub pods on GKE with Autopolit while deploying jupyterhub and I am not successful so far.

Is this even possible? I am thinking may be GKE autopilot doesn’t allow this.

Do you know a tutorial where I can follow about this subject?


There’s another thread about GKE autopilot here:

Hi @manics thank you for your reply. I am able to deploy jupyterhub on gke autopilot. My problem is not being able to mount shared volume.

On Customizing User Storage — Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes documentation it is explained that “If you already have a PersistentVolume and PersistentVolumeClaim created outside of JupyterHub you can mount them inside the user pods”

I have created a jupyterhub-shared-volume as pvc but I can not mount it as shared storage.

There may be some limitations because of gke autopilot but I could not identify the problem.

When I try to spawn for a user the pv for claim-user stays in pending state.