After upgrade to 1.0.0 : failure in hub initialisation on cookie_secret

see below, upgrading helm chart from 0.11.1 .
I dont have a cookieSecret in my values. yaml.
Anyone any idea ?

JupyterHub application:89] Bad config encountered during initialization: The ‘cookie_secret’ trait of a JupyterHub instance expected a bytes object, not the str ‘xxxxxx’

The string shown is the base64 decoded version of what is in hub.config.JupyterHub.cookie_secret of the “hub” secret.

Maybe @consideRatio has an idea

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I guess you use a custom version of the hub image, and the version of jupyterhub has not been upgraded in that image.

Rebuild the image and reference jupyterhub/k8s-hub:1.0.0

aaaaa - stupid, yes of course.
Thanks a million !

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