Adding MSSQL access to JupyterHub (on Kubernetes)

I found the appropriate module (Jupyterlab_SQL), but I can’t complete the install steps:

pip install jupyterlab_sql
jupyter serverextension enable jupyterlab_sql --py --sys-prefix
jupyter lab build

“pip install” works with no issue. “jupyter serverextension” errors unless I leave off the “–py and --sys-prefix” (error implies no access to a non-existent file). “jupyter lab build” fails, needing npm and node.js. I tried “sudo”, but the command does not exist. Any clue what the default “root” password is?

Sorry to be so ignorant, but I could use a step-by-step guide. I’ll extend the image via “docker build” if I have to, but even then, it would be nice to “try” it in place before doing the build.