Actually getting logs from JupyterHub?

Hi, folks,

Having a major issue with some authentication and Error 500s, and can’t debug, because I can’t seem to access any logs. My config.yaml for the deployment has:

  enabled: true

which I thought was sufficient to get debug mode enabled? I’m running the 3.0.0 helm chart, and everything was working a couple of weeks ago on a two-year old version. Updating everything (new images for the single-user mode, updated helm, etc.), and now after OAuth, users are just getting immediate Error 500s. Which wasn’t happening to me, so I didn’t notice it to debug earlier - I was able to still login fine through all of this. And still am.

So what am I missing to get actual debug logs so I can try to track down what is happening? I’ve got: no messages in journalctl; no logs being written that I can find. I want the hub to dump errors somewhere, please.

Since you’re using the Helm chart the logs are handled by Kubernetes, so e.g. kubectl -n <namespace> logs deploy/hub should show the hub logs.

To see the logs for other pods you’ll probably need to use the name of the pod. See the commands in


Adding to what manics said, you can also look at events with kubctl -n namespace get events and kubectl -n namespace describe pod pod_name .

logs, events and describe are the three kubectl commands I use most to troubleshoot.

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