"500 : Internal Server Error" occur when accessing a specific user account

Hello everyone,

I have set it up so that multiple users can use the analysis environment separately on one server through jupyterhub.

There are 3 admin accounts, and the rest are regular users.

When jupyterhub was first set up, all accounts were able to successfully access and use the server.

However, after not using it for a while and recently accessing it again, most accounts are still successfully accessed, while some specific users have an internal server error (500).

I set the same settings for all users, but I don’t understand why only certain users get an error.

The user setting method is as follows.

sudo useradd newuser

sudo passwd newuser

# "jupyterhub_config.py" Setting

sudo usermod -a -G jupyterhub newuser

Thank you for your help.

Hi! Please could you tell us:

  • how you setup JupyterHub, including the system you’ve deployed it on
  • show us your full configuration with secrets redacted
  • turn on debug logging and show us the hub logs?