405 Method Not Allowed' immediately after SAML response

Hi all - am seeking guidance.
I’m stuck during a helm installation within an enterprise kubernetes setting. Am using jupyterhub-samlauthenticator and we are getting what seems a valid SAML response as we would expect.

However after receiving this response we see a ‘405 Method Not Allowed’.

Jupyterhub does not proceed any further in terms of pod setup for the SAML authenticated user.

Would anyone know what is not being allowed ? What is the next step in the authentication/user startup process?

thanks in advance

Hi! Could you turn on debug logging and show us your hub logs?

I’m not sure I can get those logs out of the enterprise environment. But heres an accurate precis if it helps ?

Samlauthenticator:806] Starting SP-initiated SAML Login
Samlauthenticator:711] Got valid metadata etree
Samlauthenticator:723] Final xpath is […]
Log:189] 302 GET /jupyter/hub/login?next=%2F → [SAML URL]

Then using SAML-tracer I validate the SAML response

Then next line in jupyterhub log is…

Base:1339] No template for 405
Log: 189] 405 POST /jupyter (@ ip_address) 22.53ms

Does that help ?

I’m afraid not, DEBUG logs will contain a lot more information.

Another option is to step through the source code to find out where it’s failing: