Z2jh with Azure Authentication works in Edge and Safari but not Chrome or FF


we have just setup a z2jh instance on azure including authentication via Azure Active Directory. Curiously we discovered that it is possible for users to login via Safari or Edge but not via Firefox or Chrome.

From FF and Chrome users just get an 500 after they sign in via Azure.

FF also shows some warning about the authentication cookie not being market SameSite and Secure but also shows claims the cookie is expired.

Chrome does not seem to show any helpful error message.

I tried to enable all cookies for all sites in both Chrome and FF but this did not help.

Any ideas what to do or how to debug this?

Could you try turning on DEBUG logging and show us the logs, along with your Z2JH configuration and version?

I realised I opened this discussion at a really bad moment, because our DevOps colleague is on holiday and I don’t have full access to the deployment yet.

However I found out that the problem is not restricted to Chrome or FF, but instead is happening in all browsers. It is just the case that Edge and Safari happened to already have a cookie from a previous login to another single sign-on page. So this is what we will also use as a workaround for now.