Which Program Files Are Actually Accessing Local Data in Jupyter Notebook?

When Jupyter Notebook tries to access data files (.ipynb files, csv & xls files), what specific program files access these data files?

(My Environment)

  • Python 3.7.3 installed via Anaconda 3
  • Windows 10, 64bit

I have setup Microsoft Intune so that it limits access to private information in OneDrive.

In doing this, I need to make Intune allow Jupyter Notebook access .ipynb files and other files stored within OneDrive, which is the private storage location that Intune defines.

More specifically speaking, I need to tell Intune specific program file names that try to access any files within the private data locations.

I tried a couple of suspects (python.exe & jupyter-notebook-script.py), but still Intune does not allow access to private data.