Where would an nbconvert category go?

In a recent thread, the idea came up to have a place in the Community Forum to discuss nbconvert questions and general conversation. So a couple questions:

  1. Is that something that the nbconvert core maintainers would like? (cc @t-makaro @MSeal @mpacer and feel free to cc others!)
  2. If so, where would be a good place for this? Maybe another high-level category like “Document formats” and underneath this a sub-category for nbconvert?

Would love to hear thoughts!

It’s probably correct to have such a label. Maybe let’s see if the new nbconvert issue template patterns helps point people to this forum.

I’m not sure I’d know to look for “nbconvert” under “Document formats” if I arrived at Discourse as a new user. Maybe this is better under Q&A?

I think Q&A was primarily meant to be a one-stop place for general questions that didn’t fit elsewhere, the plan (so far) was to not create sub-categories under there. :-/

What could be a different high-level category that works? Some other random ones that come to mind :slight_smile:

  • Jupyter Documents
  • Interactive Documents
  • Notebook Documents