[Warning] 0/1 nodes are available: 1 node(s) didn't match node selector

Hello world!

I’m following the recommendations from this optimization site after setting jupyterhub on kubernetes

but as soon as I added these lines in the config.yaml file:

      matchNodePurpose: require

I start getting this error when a new user login

[Warning] 0/1 nodes are available: 1 node(s) didn't match node selector.

is this a bug? or should I do something else to make it work?

thanks for the support!!! :slight_smile:

Last time that I had this was related to the node not having a required tag. Here’s the Kubernetes doc on assigning tags.

If you do a ‘kubectl describe pod podname -n namespacename’ you should be able to see the labels on the pod. Then you can do a ‘kubectl describe node nodename’ and view the tags. If you add the tag, then it should be able to schedule it on the node.

Hi @cbell !!
Thanks for the reply, what you suggest makes totally sense to me, by any chance do you know how to add ```

to the config.yaml file so that I can update the helm chart???

You would want to add it to the singleuser value in the values.yaml config you are passing. It could look something like this:

    beta.kubernetes.io/instance-type: c5.2xlarge

In this instance I was assigning the pod to a specific type of host in AWS, but you can do it with whatever labels you have setup.