Trying to start a jupyter notebook instance on windows 10, from the command line, can't enter into task

Environment: windows 10 command line. using opencv virtualenv. Error: cannot connect to kernel, connection failed.
I have followed the recommended steps in the guide (What to do when things go wrong — Jupyter Notebook 6.5.4 documentation)
Jupyter is running version 1.0.0 (or thats what pip says it installed) with tornado 6.3.2 and python 3.10

RuntimeError: Cannot enter into task <Task pending name=‘Task-1’ coro=<HTTP1ServerConnection._server_request_loop() running
Are the kind of errors i have from the command line, whereas the notebook itself just says “connecting to kernel” for about 30 seconds before reporting the connection failed and says it will keep trying. I have two other kernel options, and have tried both, but they both have the same results.
Any help would be appreciated.