Teradata SQL extension for Jupyter - Teradata SQL kernel keeps dying

I have manually installed Teradata SQL kernel into JupyterLab (MacOS) according to this guide: https://docs.teradata.com/reader/KQLs1kPXZ02rGWaS9Ktoww/WsBOGx~BJ5fDcq_WGj4j8g

A problem occures when I’m trying to run JupyterLab locally via jupyter lab command.
The kernel for SQL keeps restarting and then dies. From the kernel.log I get a line saying:
level=fatal msg=“zmq4 was installed with ZeroMQ version 4.3.1, but the application links with version 4.3.2”

What does this message means exactly? (I have installed the latest version of ZeroMQ (4.3.2) using brew install zmq)

Do you have any ideas how to solve this? Any help is appreciated, thanks!