Tensorboard within JupyterHub (TF 2.0)


I am trying to enable the tensorboard magic extension, within JupyterLab, within JupyterHub, on a public-facing server. When I am on our internal network (direct or VPN) I can access the server by IP address and tensorboard loads within JupyterLab (within Hub) just fine. Externally though, the tensorboard port (which will vary since there are multiple users) is not exposed. So it doesn’t work.

Any help on how to set this up is appreciated, if possible. I gather it might have something to do with Jupyter’s Proxy Server, but if so I don’t know how that interfaces with %magic commands.

Technical notes: our public dns defines a CNAME which points this jupyterhub server’s hostname to an internal nginx server running reverse proxy to load jupyterhub, forwarding point 8000 to 80/443. That server spawns jupyterlab using the default spawner, on the same host. All relevant settings are default.


@patrick did you ever find a solution to this?