Schemas and catalogs for JupyterHubs

There are a lot of JupyterHubs in my life at this point. I wish I had a better way to keep track of them.

Is there an standard, machine-readable way to describe an individual JupyterHub? Like schema? (The closest I could find was a Service.)

Do hubs broadcast this sort of information to the world? Like a big sign saying “HELLO I’M A JUPYTERHUB!” And can web-crawlers or other catalog services pick this information up and keep track of it in a catalog?

I think we need these sorts of features for a project I’m involved with. I wanted to check if there were already some solutions out there.

This would be super cool, though not sure I know about the functionality now. Would be potentially useful for the vision of fully-federated binderhubs too

Label Schema | Bringing Structure To Labels might make sense, especially when containers are involved.

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