Running SoupStrainer with a certain Tag - the Bold-Tag

hi dear experts,

i am currently running a bs4 script - and i use SoupStrainer:

import requests 
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup, SoupStrainer

content = requests.get('').content

for link in BeautifulSoup(content, parse_only=SoupStrainer('a')):
  if hasattr(link, "href"):

note: i only want to have the links that are in bold tags

all with a bold tag:

<li><b><a href="linkitem_a.html">linkitem_a</a></b> {bla_bla_a} (bla_bla_a), apple_crumble
<li><a href="linkitem_b.html">linkitem_b</a> {bla_bla_b} (bla_bla_b), apple_crumble
<li><b><a href="linkitem_c.html">linkitem_c</a></b> {bla_bla_c} (bla_bla_c), apple_crumble