Rise Blackboard / chalkboard mode with more colors

Hello to everyone,
I recently discovered the chalkboard capacity of RISE. I wonder if there is a simple way to have more colors in blackboard / chalkboard mode. Not a complete palette, but only three colors would be great. If that is possible, the I would only need Jupyter to teach!
Here I found something that seems related, but the post is way too technical for me. I am a math teacher, using Jupuyter through Sage.

Anyone a suggestion?

I’m not sure if tweaking this is directly supported in the RISE presentation configurator but you can directly edit the notebook metadata (as suggested by the SO a answer you found) from within a notebook: edit notebook metadata.

Once you save the metadata, I’m guessing you probably need to refresh the notebook page in the browser for it the updated settings to take effect in a presentation launched from that notebook.

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