Repo2DockerSpawner - alternative version

@psychemedia the term sounds good - project2runnable would follow the old naming pattern and summarizes the last parts of our discussion. Since I have no shares in that project, this is just a creative addition since you have brought it up.

I just checked and so far nobody has touched this request.

@danlester this is very cool, thank you for sharing this with the world :pray:

as a newbie to the ecosystem, I was wondering when this might be preferred over binder?

No problem - great to hear you like the idea!

Of course, this solution uses repo2docker under the hood - which is exactly how Binder generates images too.

I would say Binder is more suited to ‘disposable’ unauthenticated Jupyter environments, whereas Repo2Docker spawner allows similar freedom over the starting point for a user’s new Jupyter server, but ultimately launches the user into a more standard Jupyter environment which they own for the longer term.

I hope that makes some sense. Please let me us know more about your scenario if you’re looking for advice on what to choose.

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