Refresh_user coroutine for force logout

I have extended OAuthenticator to create my own oauth class to integrate with Pingfederate.
I am also using pre_spawn_start to pass some environment variables to the Notebook Pod.

I also need to have force logout if new pod is spawned for NB, so for that I have used refresh_user coroutine, that essentially introduced a problem for Hub and Notbook pod communication:


tornado.httpclient.HTTPClientError: HTTP 403: Forbidden
[E 2021-02-17 18:21:31.082 SingleUserNotebookApp singleuser:548] Error notifying Hub of activity

This also impacted the cullin functionality.

what I am trying to achieve is to return a dict from refresh_user which will make sure to not to refresh access_token with pingfedreate but to keep API_Token refreshed.
CAn anyone please point me to a documentation/example to do this.