Projects that extensively use iPython API

I did a search on github for “import ipython” but it doesn’t reveal any projects that are using the iPython API extensively. It could be that github search is the issue, as searching on this string in jupyter github project obviously reveals quite a few instances even though it wasn’t listed in the global search.

We are considering using iPython API for something similar to jupyter, but not - however we are reluctant as the API appears to be designed and documented with the intention of only to be seriously used by the jupyter project.

Not a complaint at all, especially if this is the goal of the project, and even if not - there are only so many hours in the day we can provide for OS projects.

Are there any other projects that are based on the iPython API to the similar extent that jupyter is? Or would it be fair to say that iPython API has become a defacto internal API with high coupling to its parent project?

Most code interacting with kernels will be doing so via Jupyter Messaging-

The IPython.display module is commonly used by user code, though perhaps more often through common libraries or the global display function which is exposed in Jupyter notebooks.

Yep, but really don’t want to embed jupyter in our project for many many reasons.

prompt-toolkit is being used I see.