Problem when using jupyterlab.upgrade_extension to upgrade plotly 5.16.1

I just upgrade plotly to 5.16.1 and it needs to do labextension upgrade again.
I had upgraded plotly’s extenstion at 5.16.0 and everything worked fine, but when I using python3 -m jupyterlab.upgrade_extension . under plotly directory: ~/.local/share/jupyter/labextensions/jupyterlab-plotly, with package.json in it, this message appeared:

This script won’t do anything for copier template, instead execute in your extension directory:

copier update --UNSAFE

Even if I uninstall plotly 5.16.0 and new install 5.16.1, the problem remains. I don’t understand what this error message really means. What is this problem? and how should I do to upgrade? Thank you very much!

Update. I completely deleted the plotly folder and reinstalled 5.16.1 and it works fine.
So it should be a read permissions issue for some files when doing upgrade. However, using sudo doesn’t solve the problem. The only way is to completely remove old package manually first.