Opportunity to Promote Binderhub by other Means?

Just spotted this (a little bit too close to the deadline for me to run with:-( but maybe of interest to someone already up and running in this area?

2019 OSGeo UN Committee Educational Challenge

*Proposals are invited for developing open geospatial educational material for two challenges.

  • Challenge 1: PostGIS training material update
  • Challenge 2: Open geospatial data and software for UN SDG 16, Peace justice and open institutions

One of the problems I always used to have when working with open data was usually two problems:

  • setting up an environment within which I could work with the data;
  • getting the data into the environment in a meaningful way.

The second problem was also usually two problems:

  • getting the data into the environment in an efficient way;
  • getting the data cleaned and organised in a meaningful way so that I could actually start to do something with it.

Competitions like this often ignore the elephant in the room that the biggest blocker to working with data is often getting in into an environment within which you can do something with it.

I think Binderhub can be useful in at least a couple of ways:

  • promote competitions like this to Binderhub user community in the hope that, if they put in a submission, it also makes use of / mentions Binderhub;
  • as a platform for helping run competitions: eg getting competition organisers to run a competition BinderHub, or become a sponsor of s/thing like MyBinder?

Kaggle does that sort of thing all the time, right?

Along the way, there might be other spin-offs. Eg the Spacy course resulted in templates for Py and R courses that can make use of a Binderhub backend; similalry , competition entries may result in templates / workflows that are of wider benefit to the Binder using community in general?


I think this is a very smart idea (promoting binder to people submitting to competitions like this or doing demos or hackathons and such). If anyone knows of more events like this we should collect them.

Another place where we could get promotion is via people who do open (government) data. Recently the city of Zurich put together a notebook that runs on Binder to help people get started with using their tourist attraction datasets.

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