Official merchandise

Is there an official merchandise store for t-shirts, stickers, etc?

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Not that you can buy so far. We are affiliated with NumFOCUS which recently created a shop. We have to go through them for legal reason (even if we sell at cost). We just need to find time to create some of the merchandise. We do have stickers we give at conference though, and you can find unofficial product I won’t link to or I would be in legal gray area are those unofficial would be trademark infringement, but google is your friend.

If you have any design idea you are free to post them of course !

I’m not a designer myself but I could try to arrange something.
What does it take to put an item on the NumFOCUS shop? Format, approval, etc?
Could take logos from the design repo and make a simple model like pandas’ t-shirt.

Personally, I don’t like those unofficial gadgets.

It would also be great to have an official-ish source for those Jupyter stickers. I do a lot of Jupyter-related talks and meetings up here in Minnesota, and wind up going through a fair number of stickers. Right now my solution is to track down the NumFOCUS booth at a conference about once a year and beg them to give me a couple of packs worth. But I’d happily spend a few bucks to buy them through a proper channel.


@enricorotundo; I do not know. I requested this information some time ago and never got a clear answer. The best would be to contact numfocus directly. seem to be their direct contact.

I would point to this discussion if needed. I think one of the issue is that the shop does not allow delegation so they are protective of username/password; which his understandable.

@mbmilligan I believe if you send a mail to numfocus as well and tell them you are talking at a conference and like to distribute stickers they will mail some to you to distribute.

1 Like replied they need to update the store to let people order stickers off their website, but it hasn’t been updated yet. No indication on the timeline.

I think this is something that we should really figure out - we want people to be able to show their interest / identification / love of the Jupyter community by repping the Jupyter logo / community name in their respective organizations!