Multiple users send/receive tcp messages from server running .NET

Hi, I have a jupyterhub server running on Ubuntu with multiple concurrent users everyday. We would like to access some c# functions we have on our platform. We will have this c# functionality on a server that will have access to all of our databases/libraries that we use frequently. What is the best way to implement a TCP messaging service that can send requests/receive responses from this c# server from jupyterhub?
For reference, we would like jupyterhub to be a “sandbox” where people can use python to experiment and make calls to some of our more crucial functionality, which is why we would like the C# running on a separate server where we can queue user requests/monitor usage.
With multiple users I’m just not sure the best way to create sockets and wait for messages, i was wondering if there was some way jupyterhub can properly handle this

JupyterHub manages your singleuser servers and proxies external web traffic through to JupyterLab/notebook. Beyond that JupyterHub is not involved in whatever’s running in your singleuser servers, so probably the best way to get started is to ignore JupyterHub and write some sort of service that your users could access when they’re running a notebook on their own system.

After that you could consider using some sort of common authentication for JupyterHub and whatever service you’re running if necessary.