Let's clean up!

On this work week several things were listed as urgent to clean up (new Python versions compability) and some things should be archived and explicitly announced as not maintained anymore. For the next few weeks we will collect tools that may have a disaster soon, that may need attention or may need to be taken out of the way. After some weeks, we will gather the inputs and get actions on it!

Tasks should have one banner in bold and a small description after it.

Disaster alert: some-tool needs Python 3.7/3.8 compatibility or it will crash soon

  • IPython needs update to completely work with Python 3.8
  • Traitlets is not tested with Python 3.7 (stable)
  • Many repository are not triggering doc build on RTD.

Attention Needed: some-tool needs attention

Clean up: some-tool needs to be archived or transferred to community


At what level should we collect things? Do you think the level of GitHub repositories is a good one or should it be tasks within a particular repository?

I think the ideal level is of tasks that can/should be done. I would like to close this and do a call for action on things that need urgent help

@leportella I think if you’d like to close the post, the easiest thing to do would be to “lock” it…I don’t think there’s a way to remove it from the site easily!