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Firstly, thanks for Binder!

The issue is open on my repo:

I copied a repo where I previous had a dask dashboard. The only difference I can see between my two repos are:

  1. When launched it is on (my previous binder repo was launched on hub.gke2.mybinder and the dask dashboard worked fine).
  2. This repo only has one notebook. Is that why it launched on notebooks.gesis instead of hub.gke2.mybinder?

Can I specify the server to be hub.gke2.mybinder? I believe the dask dashboard will work there.


According to here, it may indeed work there.
I’ve sent you how to try it in a message. It is best to continue to feature the main Mybinder portal URL as you currently do at your repository because presumably this will be fixed down the road and this way the Binder Team can continue to control traffic as they see fit.

This isn’t needed now as @willirath got the dask dashboard working on both hub.gke2 and notebooks.gesis.

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Thanks for the update! For the benefit of anyone discovering this thread in future see the solution at