Jupyterlab cannot run in offline mode

Hello here:

I tried to run jupyterlab in offline mode for some better extension than jupyter notebook
here is what I do

  1. pip download jupyterlab
  2. pip download jupyterlab-lsp
  3. copy to my offline computer
  4. pip install --no-index --find-link=\directory for install\
  5. run jupyter-lab in powershell

I can see from powershell that the jupyterlab is started, all info is correct, no error message. But it cannot loaded in the localhost webpage not like the jupyter notebook. What should I do?

I think there are two issues being conflated: resolving something on a network that has no network and getting (working) packages to an offline computer working.

I don’t know if “offline mode” is an explicit setting or feature, but it might impact networking in other ways.

  • Perhaps start with trying to break down some of the steps:

  • launch with something slower and louder:

    jupyter lab --no-brower --debug
    • This should print out the localhost and addresses, and not try to open a browser for you (which very possibly could be blocked in some “mode”). Read through more of those logs (the important line won’t always be the last one).
  • Try multiple browsers, and see if that helps. Look at those logs as well.

  • Ensure that offline computer doesn’t have multiple pythons installed and conflicting.

  • try cmd.exe instead of powershell, it’s broken, but it’s been broken the same way for 30 years

As to getting a working jupyterlab-lsp experience: jupyterlab-lsp does almost nothing without additional language servers. But once language features are installed, it should work.

For offline Jupyter installs on windows, i’ve had a lot more success with constructor, as they can include things that don’t exist on pip like pandoc, graphviz, etc. There is also conda-pack, but i like having the declarative, easy-to-rebuild-from-scratch system vs keep tinkering with an environment that can’t be rebuilt.

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offline mode means cannot configured to connect to the internet. So basically no internet connection

I compared my online laptop and my offline computer. I found that in browser developer-tool. In part, these items

lm-Widget p-Widget lm-Panel p-Panel lm-BoxPanel p-BoxPanel

are missing.

I were not using anaconda environment. But pip only. trying to install jupyter lab in my offline computer with pip commands. I installed jupyterlab and lsp, but it seems cannot run.

Are there any errors in the browser Developer Tools Console? Any failures to fetch in Network tab? A more detailed description with full logs and maybe some screenshots would help because the initial post was not clear on whether it is a setup issue or a bug.